Goa Infrastructural Development Company Pvt. Ltd.


The Goa Infrastructural Development Co Pvt Ltd, (GIDC) was established in 1998 with the objective of augmenting infrastructural development in Goa. Registered under the Companies Act of 1956, the Organisation's registered Office is located at Vaglo Building, Panjim. GIDC began operations with a share capital of Rs. 5 lakh.

Since its inception, the Company has successfully executed several projects in Goa’s mining belt. These include construction of bridges, road widening and desilting of nullahs. Projects are assigned by the Association i.e. GMOEA and undertaken in partnership with the State Government.


Till date, Rs. 60 crore worth of road-widening projects, construction of Goa’s first four lane bridge worth Rs. 26 crore, and Rs. 1.3 crore of nullah desilting have been executed successfully. Apart from its mining operations, GIDC is also engaged in a road-cleaning drive with a sweeping machine on behalf of Goa’s mining companies, a project that was successfully executed with budget allocation of Rs. 1 crore.