Mineral Foundation Goa

The mining industry has witnessed exemplary growth since its inception in the 1940s. Apart from technological updations that have seen mechanised operations replace manual work, the industry has also become more environmentally and socially responsible in its approach towards the surroundings in which it functions. Several activities that have been initiated, such as pollution abatement, environment conservation, sustainability and community development, work towards environmental conservation and social development. 

To ensure that all such efforts are an ongoing practice and intrinsic to all mining activities, the industry conceptualised the Mineral Foundation of Goa (MFG). It was set up with all mining companies pooling in their resources to give impetus to this effort to improve living conditions in areas where mining operations are carried out. 

Mineral Foundation of Goa (MFG) was registered on 12th December 2000 under the Societies Registration Act, 1860. It is a non-profit organisation and is exclusively funded by the mining industry. Professionally managed and wholly dedicated to the promotion of environmental and social development programmes, MFG has a presence in more then 75 villages across five talukas of Goa. The Foundation contributes to economic growth, employment generation, social upliftment of communities and conservation of the environment through various programmes. 

Initially launched with just two staff members, MFG has now expanded, in the scope of its activities and staff as well.  The organisation now has an established Secretariat, two field offices and two project offices. MFG’s operations have also evolved over time, from demand-based projects to long-term programmes and projects that are designed in-house. Where earlier it was functioning in silo, the Foundation now implements developmental programmes in partnership with numerous central and state government bodies, as well as independent and non-profit organisations. 

As part of its development agenda, the Foundation has created various assets for the benefit of the general public through funds contributed by mining companies to the tune of Rs 24 crore. These include projects to develop and construct bandharas, bandhs, irrigation channels, crematoriums, aanganwaadis, classrooms, toilets, libraries, laboratories, etc.   

Apart from developing infrastructure, the Foundation has also made significant contributions to support the student community and empower communities living around the mining belt. Initiatives in this area include training for teachers, scholarships for students, health camps, career counselling, education about environment-related issues, women empowerment programmes and more. 

The results of all the initiatives undertaken by MFG have been very encouraging and provide further impetus to the Foundation to continue working in this direction, and increase its rate of success. 


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