Proper Education during the early stages of life lays a foundation for further progress in the later stages of life. Sometimes financial constraints become a barrier to educational growth.  Hence the Foundation has in place some educational interventions for the benefit of the local community through Book bank scheme, Teaching quality improvement and Scholarship programme.

1. Scholarship Programme - The Mineral Foundation of Goa has formulated a programme of awarding scholarship to the brilliant, needy students from the mining belt of Goa for their higher education in courses like professional degree, Masters degree, diploma and ITI. The scholarship covers both the tuition and hostel fees of the institution for the entire duration of the course. MFG Scholarship programme started in the academic year 2003-04 and Mineral Foundation has provided scholarships to 211 students so far.


MFG Scholars Association (MSA) was formed by the present and past MFG Scholars to promote community service. It is patronized by the Foundation and has undertaken various social activities for schools and the villages from the mining belt of Goa. Every year new scholars join in by paying a nominal membership fee of Rs. 100 per year. The members of the association meet ones or twice a year to update their present status and also discuss their future plans for the betterment of the society. One of the members has also donated a sum of Rs. 10,000.00 to the association and the members of association plan to utilize this amount for education related activities of the Foundation.

2. Teaching Quality Improvement ProgrammeIn an effort to systematically improve the quality of education delivered at the anganwadi centres, the Mineral Foundation of Goa in association with Gomantak Bal Shikshan Parishad facilitated a sustained training of anganwadi teachers. The teachers are given training in the Aurobindo Ashrams’ Integral Education System, an unique and holistic education method that prioritises the development of the childs faculties, cognitive skills and social and emotional attitudes. A mixture of hands on training in various syllabus modules, motivational lectures and follow up monitoring visits are conducted as part of the programme.

Keeping in mind the largely rural and economically challenged profile of the children attending these anganwadis, the overburdened roles of their teachers and the under equipped nature of the child care centres, the program is designed to overcome these challenges and demonstrate that education can be done powerfully, yet simply.

Under this programme, 72 anganwadi teachers, 72 anganwadi helpers and 20 Mukhyasevikas are trained so far. 

3. Book Donation Programme for school students - Mineral Foundaion of Goa initiated Text book donation programme during  the academic year 2001-02 for the poor and needy students studying in the high schools in the mining belt of Goa. The programme continued for 3-4 years but later since Goa Govt. started the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan project wherein they donated text books to all the students, MFG stopped the programme and later started with note book donation to schools. Thousands of students from 60 High schools all over the mining belt were donated note books by Mineral Foundation. But, later Sarva Shiksha abhiyan started donating note books and so the number of note books was surplus in most of the schools. Hence, Mineral Foundation of Goa stopped the Book donation programme from the academic year 2014-15.